AstronautThe University of St Andrews web team is currently:

  • Stephen Evans—University Web Manager
  • Gareth J M Saunders—Web Architect
  • Duncan Stephen—Web Editor (Currently seconded to digital communications team)
  • Rich Gordon—Web Editor
  • Peter Woodbridge—Web Apprentice
  • Vacancy—Web Developer


The University of St Andrews web team was established in 2006 with the appointment of Dr Stephen Evans as the University’s first Web Manager.

He was joined shortly after by the Revd Gareth J M Saunders as Assistant Information Architect/Web Manager, which was part job title, part URL (now Web Architect following a departmental restructure).

Their first task was to migrate the various University supporting unit websites into one coherent website using a content management system that they had not yet purchased.

The web team was boosted in September 2008 by Chris Gordon joining as Web Software Developer.  Chris was seconded from the IT Helpdesk, but we liked him so much that we got to keep him eighteen months later. A bit like when you hand something in to the police station and no-one claims it. Chris left the web team in May 2012, to join a team of elite Java code monkeys.

In 2009 Duncan Stephen joined the team as Web Editor and was rewarded by being given a window-less cupboard to sit in. He worked diligently and now enjoys a spacious office with no fewer than two separate windows; it might even be three. Duncan is currently seconded to Admissions and Corporate Communications to work on a redesign project.

Joining the team in October 2010 as Website Migration Project Officer (now ‘Web Editor’ in new money) Rich Gordon is tasked with the unenviable job of helping migrate school and research centre websites into the University’s enterprise content management system TERMINALFOUR Site Manager.

In September 2012 we welcomed Peter Woodbridge into the team as the Web Apprentice, part of an IT Services-wide initiative which has created three apprentice posts in IT for two years.

For more information about the members of the University of St Andrews web team.



Feel free to follow the @stawebteam on Twitter, where you may also find these web team members lurking:

Header photograph


The photograph in the header was taken by
University of St Andrews alumnus Christoper Davy.

The photograph is called “Long Pier Twilight”.

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