Social media and Tumblr

Teens, social media, and privacy

This is quite lengthy, but may be of interest to those with an interest in social media and how young people behave online.

Universities turn to Tumblr to reach prospective students

The social networking and blogging platform Tumblr is quite popular among young users, and this week Yahoo bought it for $1.1 billion. This article looks at the trend for some universities to use Tumblr to reach young people.

Admissions officers are attracted to Tumblr for a number of reasons. Because users can share a variety of multimedia content quickly and casually, it’s possible to update multiple times a day without flooding feeds with walls of text. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find a link to an event on campus, a pretty photo of the school and a quote from a historic commencement speech all in the same place. But Tumblr is also a place for admissions offices to speak teenagers’ language – you’re just as likely to find an animated GIF of cat welcoming an excited freshman.


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