Redesigned: Current staff research


A project that’s been lurking on our backlog for months (actually years) is the second half of an update to the research pages, overseen by the Research Policy Office.

Part one was the redesign of the high-level research pages, with links to the new Pure research portal plus the latest research-related news, press releases and blog posts.

Part two was a similar upgrade to the current staff research pages. This went live last night after 17:00.

For such a research-intensive university (check out some of our successes from the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2008), the research pages – both public- and staff-facing were rather poor and something that we had identified when the website design was launched in 2008. We had just been looking for the opportunity and project sponsor to take it forward. Which is when the Research Policy Office approached us.

Hopefully these recent attempts to freshen the pages a little will help better showcase some of the amazing work that is being done at St Andrews, and enable, even in a little way, more research to be carried out.

Another satisfying project… now on to the School of Psychology, Saints Sport and Music Centre redesigns.

Visit the redesigned Current staff research pages.


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