Advent calendars

I remember as a child during Advent counting down the days to Christmas: the excitement each morning of seeing the next door opened, wondering what would be revealed behind it, and sneakily trying to ‘accidentally’ open tomorrow’s door too.  (There were three of us and having to wait two whole days between openings was just too much for us at times.)

Here are a few of the Web development Advent calendars that I’ve discovered… which you can’t ‘accidentally’ open early.

Adfont Calendar

Advent calendar from Fontdeck

Adfont calendar from Fontdeck

Many Web developers are restricted to using the most popular fonts that are (or might be) installed on your computer.  Fontdeck provide a service that allows you to license the use of other typefaces that have been optimised for the Web.

The Adfont Calendar reveals a new font each day from now until Christmas, and invites you to use it for free for the next year.

The site is beautifully crafted in HTML5, CSS3 and a spot of jQuery.  I love the hinged doors and the “real wood” feel to the site.

Sitepoint Christmas Countdown

Sitepoint Christmas Countdown

Sitepoint Christmas Countdown

I’m a big fan of SitePoint, their online resources are second to none, as are their books. Well, through the SitePoint Christmas Countdown advent calendar they are giving away various bundles of Web development resources for a massive discount. The deals only last 24 hours.  Today’s offer, for example, gives you a massive saving of US $89.85.

HTML5 Adventure Calendar 2010

HTML5 Adventure Calendar 2010

HTML5 Adventure Calendar 2010

The HTML5 Adventure Calendar advertises itself as “24 days of killer demos, tutorials, community buzz, and other stuff that Steve Jobs would love”.

It looks great, the revealed resources are impressive and it’s all written in HTML5, of course.

Other calendars

Here are a few other Web development calendars that I’ve discovered, including post-a-day-through-Advent blogs:


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